Internal Oracle License Audit

Internal Oracle License Audit is for companies who wants to pro-actively conduct an independent Oracle license audit of their Oracle estate. We cover all Oracle software products, such as Oracle database, Oracle Middleware, Oracle EBS licensing, Oracle Siebel licensing, Oracle Primavera, Oracle Java or just a segment of them.

Oracle license compliance risks

  • Companies who are uncertain about their Oracle licensing position faces the threat of Oracle audit and the financial costs for any non-compliance. Most Oracle audit claims are in millions of dollars.
  • Most of the compliance issues with Oracle software licenses is not over-usage, but simply because someone in the company IT misunderstood an Oracle licensing policy or a licensing rule.
  • Companies that are not actively reviewing their Oracle software licenses are paying support for unused license, which should instead be targeted for termination and cost savings.
  • If you do not maintain Oracle license compliance, you cannot perform Oracle license optimization. Remember that Oracle database enterprise licensing starts at 47,500 $

Oracle License Compliance actions

We are former Oracle LMS auditors. In the Internal Oracle license audit we analyze using Oracle LMS scripts and methods to simulate an official Oracle license audit. You will run the script on your servers, and we will analyze the script output. Once we have completed the analysis of your data, we review your contracts to match your entitlements against the data to create an Oracle licensing report.

Internal Oracle license audit service includes:

    • An Oracle licensing position including financial risk associated per product.
    • A fully detailed report of usage for non-compliance, including dates and times of usage.
    • Recommendations for solving Oracle compliance issues.
    • Oracle license optimization recommendations.
    • Oracle on VMware licensing strategy design.
    • Oracle software licenses you should target for termination and cut costs.

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